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Empowerment Affirmations

Affirmations are truths...they are small prayers or statements of truth that an individual says in repetition declaring his belief to be whole, complete and brought into the Now.

It is the power of the spoken word that we are trying to ignite within our core, our soul through our thoughts repeated over and over again until they become a truth that we feel in our hearts, say through our words and know with our soul that it will come to pass.

Jesus Christ, the Great Teacher said: "When you pray, believe you have it."

There is a song sung in many churches of the world that says; " The battle is the Lords and the victory is mine...Hosanna." In 2 Chronicles 20-15, it states the same message. We did not come to this planet to battle we came to reap the bounty, the abundance that is all around us. Tomorrow march against your greatest fears, worries, sickness and loneliness knowing that you will not have to fight this battle. Take up your position, [ in other words, do your work] stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord will give you.

We all have the power within us to succeed. Stand tall, hold your head up high, believe that the Powerful One who created you has not left you, but is still with you guiding you, teaching you, showing you the direction that you need to follow in order to find your way home. Affirmations are simply tools to assist you to reach this end. Use the ones that we have created or write down one that best suites your life. Repeat it morning ...noon...and night. Believe that it or something better has been given to you and leave the battle to the Lord.

Charles Baudoin was a gifted psychotherapist in the early 1900's who was an affirmation pioneer and professor at the Rousseau Institute in France. It was through his research that he began to teach a basic subconscious implanting technique. He proved that affirmations repeated over and over again in a state of mind that holds the statement to be true and spoken with passion and conviction produces successful results. He would not let his mind focus on negative thoughts.

When we express our intention consciously, we program our sub-conscious mind to internalize the intention enabling it to be brought to our super-conscious mind which is our spiritual mind acting upon our intention. When our conscious and sub-conscious mind is in balance the super-conscious mind can be called into action.

Positive thoughts and positive actions create positive results...but remember, the converse is also true. So, take this opportunity to create positive change in your life. "The power is within you."

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