Serenity House
Serenity House


"Living one's life to the capacity that he or she desires required right thinking combined with right action." -- Joan Marie

Reggie White, NFL Football great turned minister said: "Are you a person in search of truth?"

Wynonna Judd, Country Singer, on her way back to success after years of self-doubt said: "I am not going to give up! I'm an endurance runner."
Her new album is 'What the World Needs Now Is Love'.

"...That is our message to you and the world...Isn't it time for you to awaken and find out who you are?"

Like're on your way back!

This book: "Messages of Healing, Reflections and Thoughts to Feed the Soul" was written with you in mind. Click Here to Find Out More...
Messages of Healing
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Serenity House
Peace Project
We invite you to participate in this project for all humanity. It is called..."Let The Bells Ring For Peace... Together We Can Raise The Consciousness Of The World."
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