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"All the wishing and self—reflection in the world will not give you your
burning desires if it is not combined with right action."

We, at My Serenity House, strive to share and inspire you as a "Special" Child of the Universe to raise your consciousness level through reflection, affirmations, self—help steps and hands—on exercises. I am Joan Marie, an author, lecturer, poet, life couch and teacher who acknowledges my responsibility to practice what I teach. Everything that I speak of, I have experienced. My life has had more than its share of sadness, loneliness, pain, abuse, suffering and feelings of lack. The techniques and methods that we share and teach are simple, easy to follow, clear and definitely life transforming.

Our goal is to help you achieve empowerment through serenity! "When you change what you believe, you change what you do." My focus is to plant seeds within your consciousness and then to show you how to water, cultivate and nurture those seeds so that they will grow and bear bountiful fruit of inner peace and great inner[self] love. "What you say and what you think you will become." It is as simple as that! Once you understand the game of life and how it operates, you are on your way to a life that will be more fulfilling, more joyous, more peaceful and definitely healthier in every way.

Accept the challenges that are placed in front of you and learn how to let them create your reality.

Oliver Wendel Holmes said: "Once a man or woman's mind is expanded with an idea or concept, it can never be satisfied to going back to where it was."

It is our hope and desire to share many new ideas and concepts with you so that you will see, feel and understand how change...positive change...will become your friend and not something to fear.

Why not let each day be a wonderful new adventure!

Our purpose is "Helping Others Help Themselves." Is it time for you to improve the quality of your life?

"I feel the earth beneath my cushions me as I move along on my path and journey through the unknown to a place where I will be shown a way to find my inner home."
—Joan Marie

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We invite you to participate in this project for all humanity. It is called..."Let The Bells Ring For Peace... Together We Can Raise The Consciousness Of The World."
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