Serenity House
Serenity House

Empowerment Affirmations
Every cell in my body works together in perfect harmony to create perfect health. I am healthy and strong, filled with energy and vitality.
I am whole and complete just the way I am.
No harm or negativity will penetrate or come near me for I am protected by the seamless, radiant beam of light of the Universal Flow. I am safe. I feel safe and it is so.
My life's experiences and all that I am doing is falling into place now. Everything is flowing perfectly for me right now.
When a man's ways are pleasing to the Lord, He makes even his enemies live in peace.
Every day and in every way, I am feeling great peace and joy in all I do.
Love, peace, joy and abundance are my birthright, I accept them unconditionally into my life today.
I am healthy, wealthy and wise...I feel my abundance and success now.
Every day and in every way, I am loving and accepting me.
I love and respect me...just the way I am.
I have the power within me to manifest great things...I now release all my fears and worry...I no longer need them.
I have an open and accepting heart. I let my heart guide me and help me in my growth. I own the truth now. I stand on my truth. My success is now.

I have loving relationships. I have beautiful and warm friendships and relationships. My life is surrounded by loving and peaceful people. I am at peace. I feel the beauty and flow of the Universe in me, through me and all around me. It fills my very being with joy, peace and prosperity.

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Serenity House