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The phenomenal Mister Rogers

A man who surprised the world with his simple expression of love, understanding, compassion and warmth. Born in Pennsylvania, he earned a bachelor's degree in music composition that served him well over his long career in television as he put into musical expression numerous values that our children were able to relate to and experience. Soon after graduation he was asked to participate in the first community sponsored educational television station. There he developed the first children's corner filled with music, puppets and conversation on numerous subjects ranging from separation to playtime. From telling children they are "SPECIAL" to asking them to use their imagination...from encouraging the healthy emotional growth of children and their families to discussions on conflict and death, Mr. Rogers shared his values and sense of self-worth, self-respect, self-love and self-reliance.

In his 74 years of life, Mister Rogers spoke to parents and children's concerns about war, family problems, respect for fellow humans, space travelers and the scary world of fantasy character and everyday life.

This was a man of great simple truth and persistence who believed in his cause and his purpose in life and moved towards it fulfillment on a daily basis. I honor and respect this soft-spoken man for his contribution to the world of parents and children. Aren't we all children! Is it time in your life to begin to review your purpose and function and see what you can contribute to the good of all? Fred Rogers said: " No one can stand still, any more that a child can stop growing. Adults keep on growing, too. As for myself, I have no plans to slow down. I'm going to keep right on trying to help children grow within their families, and trying as well to help parents in those families stay in touch with the children they once were."

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