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Inspirational Poster

This inspirational poster is available in the deep red(maroon) background and in hunter green. Both give the truthful statement that is awe-inspiring. This is a perfect gift item that will grace any home or office. At this price, everyone can afford to get it framed for your lasting enjoyment and spiritual meditation.

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The bookmarks come in three colors as shown. The message on the front is the title of my book:"Hello...Is Anybody Listening?" The inspirational message on the back of the card states" We were born into this world carefree...without worry, stress, fear or anger...It has been only through conditioning that we gradually changed! Now is your chance, your opportunity to return to the time of your birthright and re-connect with that inner peace...that soul freedom that you once knew.
The power is within you. Your Little child within is waiting for you to listen."
Buy this bookmark guide to remind you! If you purchase one the cost is $1.00/ if you purchase 3 the cost is $2.00 ***Please Note: if the price does not get adjusted on the order form...we will definitely adjust it for you before the order is processed.

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Raising your Intuitive Creative Powers Poster

This design was created to remind you that by focusing your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and combining them with positive actions as you trust that you will receive, you actually open the flood gates of creation to bring to you your heartís desires. This is the perfect gift for you to give to yourself because it is up-lifting and stimulates creativity and bright idea. It is most affordable, too, at $6.95 and ready for framing.

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We invite you to participate in this project for all humanity. It is called..."Let The Bells Ring For Peace... Together We Can Raise The Consciousness Of The World."
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