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RE: Ringing of the Bells...for Peace

Awakening the power within is the challenge and opportunity of our time. It sets forth a vision of vast transformation of our inner selves, our families, our neighborhood, our community, our nation and ultimately our world.

Our slogan: "Let the bells ring......for peace......together, we can raise the consciousness of the world" is that opportunity of our time. An opportunity to awaken the consciousness of mankind starting with the children.

In the words of Gandhi:" If we are to reach real peace in the world, we shall have to begin with children."

Our goal: Let the bells ring ...for peace is one step to accomplishing this vision. At 12 noon every day, let us stop a moment and simply reflect on the word "peace", creating a group consciousness and/or say an affirmation asking the Universal Force of Love, the Mother and Father of all to awaken all mankind to feelings of love and peace . Think about it...a moment of reflection on a desire for Peace...personal peace, family peace, community peace, national peace and world peace...just imagine how powerful it would be. This conscious realization presents a plan that can bring all mankind ( yes, even you and me )across the dangerous threshold of possible self-destruction to the great shift in consciousness that is not only contagious but transformational!

The plan to ring the bells daily at 12 noon is to start with our children. Each classroom is to have a bell to ring. The children in the class can be given the opportunity to take turns in ringing the bell and bringing their circle of friends to a conscious moment of silence for Peace.

What a beautiful experience we can create in our workplace, too. Corporations and all places of business can also participate in this project, by mindfully setting aside a moment at 12 Noon to reflect on what peace means to you. Peace is a very personal thing that must start within each and everyone of us. When we find our own inner peace, our day can be much more productive.....and everyone benefits!

As the bells ring....listen to the sound, the energy, the vibrations and feel.....YES, feel the peace in your heart that you wish for yourself and for all mankind! It starts with peace for self, accepting self, self esteem, self love; peace for the family, sharing loving kindness at home, helping out with family needs, taking care of your own space so that the family can function more smoothly; peace for the neighborhood, helping the elderly , not infringing on your neighbors property, sending love when they are hurting; peace for the community, slowing down in our hurried lives to observe another's needs and help out, slow down so someone can cross the street or parking lot without fear of being run down, send an encouraging smile or word of caring; peace in our nation, slowing down to hear the pain of others, opening your heart to love and laughter instead of fierce battling competition, working together as a team instead of only being concerned with self-interest; peace for the world, sending lasting love ad peace through mindful pause, reflection or desire to all corners of the planet....helping to ease the pain and suffering of other nations and peoples who are after all collectively mankind.

Through our conscious awareness of a moment of reflection, silence, desire, meditation or a mindful pause, we as a part of this collective group have the potential to now change the world and create a world of PEACE!

The power of thought is mighty! As we participate in this grand journey, we will bring forth all that is within us and not only save ourselves in the process but save our world.

The bell is only a symbol but it can be a powerful and mighty tool for us all. Everytime you hear a bell ring, an alarm go off, a wind chime sound....your thoughts immediately reflect on "Peace". I hope you, too, can see how this simple symbol becomes a most meaningful activity in which a human being can be engaged in a critical role in the survival and awakening of all living beings. If mankind would acknowledge and accept this challenge , a new reality would emerge and truly a new age would be born.

We sincerely and in a heartfelt manner hope that you will find this project worthy of your attention.

Best wishes for laughter and joy,

Joan M. Ambrose

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