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Being Lost And Alone

One evening while sitting and looking for something to fill my evening, I was feeling lonely and empty. I had been working and reading all day and was looking for something to satisfy my soul but nothing seemed to fill the void. While I searched my mind for the answer, I found myself sitting down with a paper and pencil in hand and I began to write. Listening to the quietness of the evening my heart began to spill out these words. Words that I needed to hear to quiet my mind and feed my soul. This evening was the start of my writing my first book. Words and messages began to pour out of my soul and I started to feel a certain calm and peace come over me.

Find a quiet space to reflect on this message. Try to recall a similar situation that has occurred in your life and reflect on it. This may be the time to start a journal. Let your writing heal an old wound. We have all been there at one time or another. Breathe slowly and deliberately...try to recall the pain and discomfort of a past moment that hasn't healed. We all have dealt with that type of situation. Honor it...Please do not hide from it. This may be the time to release and forgive or apologize without judgement. After you have acknowledged it, move on and find the meaning behind that moment in time. Maybe you, too, will receive a message of healing that your soul is trying to impart. Listen quietly and let your heart speak!

Being Lost And Alone
I know I am not lost and I know I am not alone
But where am I and what am I to do?
The day is long filled with much work and planning.
The evening comes and I feel at a loss.
As I reflect on myself, I know I am not lost and
I know I am not alone but what am I to do?

The television is mundane and boring, the internet is not fulfilling.
My reading is set down till the morrow yet the evening is still young.
I will need to meditate on this ponder and reflect.
There must be an answer yet I don't know it now.

I am not lost and I know I am not alone
For my God is with me and lights my way
But I feel stuck in the void,
A timeless place where just being seems to be the answer.
Ah --yes, I now know that I am not lost and I am not alone even
This quietness has a allows my inner soul to speak.

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