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Canvas Chartres Labyrinth

Canvas Chartres Labyrinth measures 16 1/2" Made of canvas, this meditation tool is very portable and easy to carry in briefcase or pocket book. This finger labyrinth is designed after the labyrinth in laid in the floor of Chartres Cathedral, France.

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Chartres Labyrinth Tote Bag

A large canvas tote bag with the Chartres Labyrinth on one side...This is a LARGE canvas and most sturdy bag...GREAT for carrying books, things for the beach or any thing that you treasure!

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The Tree of Life Labrinth

This finger labyrinth is done in the chakra colors in raised ink. This is a Very Powerful Tool! It doesn't show well on the screen but I promise you will find it most helpful...OR YOUR MONEY BACK! As you allow your finger to move on the lines, you will start to quiet your mind and feel a powerful energy begin to flow through your chest,your heart and solar plexis area. This is the perfect opportunity to receive messages from your Inner Intelligence. ( because the pattern is raised, you can close your eyes and allow your finger to feel its way) A great gift and value for the user!! This finger labyrinth is made of sturdy material...easy to fold and carry where ever you go.

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