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Joseph Campbell

A great mythologist has spent a lifetime sharing his perception and insights into the world of our ancestors and the old traditional cultures of the world observing the value systems and behavior of humans with the hope that we would grow and awaken to our true potential. Some of the statements that I have recorded over the years that Joseph Campbell has shared are presented here. I invite you to read them, think about them and form your own thoughts and beliefs that will enable you to grow and awaken to your true potential.

Create a sacred place in your home where you can simple experience and awaken to who you are.....and what you want to become. Something will eventually happen to you....

We are always "doing" something that is required of us....where is the peaceİjoyİbliss in our lives...? --being in balance with your body and soul is the result of this beautiful find.

We continually seen to hang on to the same old stories, our instinctive beliefs that fear, anxiety, constant rushing around are what life is all about.

In order to re-discover our true self, we will have to go through a death of self----YES----death is required for the new fresh life to unfold.

Life is like the change of seasons. We move into winter...the dormant time in our lives when the old dies off and we encounter a sleeping stateİa restful state ---a holding pattern until the rebirth, the re-awakening of the earth, the unfolding and bursting forth of the new...Yes, as the new season of Spring arrives we expernience the sounds of the birds chirping, the trees begin to burst forth new buds, the ground is bursting with new growth peeking through and showing it face. The sky is more brilliant in its blueness and free of the dark shadows of the long winter sky. Yes, the earth---Mother Earth has awaken from her long slumber, Her rest, and we, too, as spirit beings are coming aliveİre-awakening to our true potential of who we are and what we want to become. We discover an insight into a new understanding that we can co-create this ....if we choose. I invite you to tap into your spring of bliss---your joy. Grab hold of it. You have to learn to recognize your own bliss. What is it for you? What do you choose? How do you want to create your life? How do you choose to live? Do you choose to live in a peaceful way or full of anger---fearİresentment---greed, etc? What is your choice?

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