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Life isn't aways what we expect it to be...


THIS HAS BEEN A MOST UNUSUAL YEAR FOR started with separation, divorce, death, sickness and then yes...I found myself alone in a new State, new environment, new world... so to speak... all by my self. I moved to California from New Jersey in July all by myself to an area that seemed to fit... and indeed, it did and does fit. I didn't know one person when I arrived...that is, except for the agent who rented me the house. But I slowly discovered that the energy is heaven sent. The weather is fairly mild. I am surrounded by mountains as I sit in the valley. The natural surroundings are special. Yes, I belong here in this haven of quiet, calm and great peace where I can heal and find my inner soul come alive. I have needed this time to reflect, explore, examine and spend time with myself. No, not as a hermit, but as a soul who has needed to find herself in an environment that suited my needs to perfection.

The Universe is great! It has allowed me to nestle into this charming home surrounded by trees and a cute wine vineyard . My back yard is filled with beautiful flowers and vegetables and the roses that I never thought I could grow are blooming all around me.

Summer came and went, with me spending a lot of time in the air traveling from coast to coast because my Brother-in-law died...then in the fall my husband died...then I was being sued for his estate...then I needed to spend time in figuring out what went where and how was I to resolve all the conflict and discontent when one day I received a phone call from one of my sons telling me that he had a large growth in his stomach and the doctors were going to operate and remove what ever it was so he could get on with his life.

NO! Life isn't, aways what we expect it to be...Sitting in my house feeling so vulnerable, concerned and alone...I started to cry and feel sorry for myself, my life, my family, my son. What was I to do? I wanted to go and help but help with what? They didn't know yet what the situation was and I didn't want to be in the way. After much reflection, I began to regain my vision, my strength and my focus and I decided to call and tell my son and family that I would like to come and help, at this moment, if they would allow me the opportunity to share in their troubles. They accepted and I came running. Arriving on a Wednesday, two days after his surgery. I went immediately to the hospital. My son was happy to see his MOM and I, too, was relieved to be there with him. Still not knowing the outcome of the surgery, but realizing that the doctors expected the worst, we all spent time together, sharing tales from childhood. I brought pictures of all my children when they were small...all smiling and acting out in the gesture of laughter and joy and simply being goofy. I brought a beautiful angel for him to connect with together with a magnificent crystal cluster that I had just purchased for myself. This crystal, however, must have known that I was just the emissary because shortly after my son's phone call telling me of his physical condition, the angel and crystal, which were placed together on my counter, informed me that they were to go to his aid and assist in his recovery. So hand in hand we all fly to his side. As the doctors came into his room, with their doom and gloom faces, we were still very much in the dark. Fortunately, I had another family member in the medical profession who was readily able and extremely willing to fed us with information that was helpful, informative and very useful as my son and his family prepared to make decisions for his life and well-being.

After five days of being in the hospital recovering from surgery, my son finally went home, still very weak and vulnerable but home he was. With time more tests were required but they all proved to be negative...his cancer that the doctors declared was present was very much contained and the PET test, bone marrow, CT scan and others indicated no signs of cancer. Relieved was I but this did not stop anything...this young man needed to go through Chemo therapy.

Being a person who doesn't use medicine, vitamins or any other form of physical enhancers, I was very distressed at the thought of my son needing to go through the treatment of healing himself by the use of poison chemicals that were meant to kill the bad cells but in most cases was also going to kill his good cells. Upset , afraid, worried and truly concerned for his well-being, I found myself going deeper within my soul till I was able to deal with these fears, issues, pains and other emotions that this situation revealed to me.

What evolved was miraculous! The heavens opened and allowed me and my soul to find a peace and calm that was transformational for me and hopefully healing for my son. The day finally arrived when he was to go to the clinic for the chemo infusion. It was an eight hour ordeal. Not knowing what to expect, we arrived early only to discover that we were much too early. We could not begin the treatment until the doctor arrived. Two hours later he was able to get started...slowly, very slowly at first to see his body reaction to the chemicals.

For me to be with him and help him go through this treatment, I needed to change my perception of the treatment and the entire process...In fact, I needed to change my belief system about the disease in general. With God and the Angels assistance, I began to change. I started to visualize a transformation...a positive transformation occurring in my thought process and in my son's life. I began to see the chemical infusion as a gift from the Universal Source of Beautiful Golden Liquid Light that was moving through his veins into his blood stream, through his body into his cells and bodily organs filling him with the healing, Golden Light of the Universal Flow. I asked my son to visualize this process. To feel it, believe it and to see it as so. Feel the infusion of the Golden Liquid Light pouring into his core, healing...healing all his organs, cells and body. We both did this together with the thousands of other souls who formed prayer lines on the internet all over the world and were also praying for his healing. The day went slow, very slow but without incident. He ate the lunch that I brought him with delight. He dozed and rested a lot but his attitude, behavior and mental outlook was filled with the Golden Liquid Light of the Universal Flow. That evening when he arrived home, he was, needless to say, exhausted but he ate his dinner, played with the children and when he woke up the next morning, he was stronger and feeling good. We ...he...survived the first treatment. We don't know yet, how the rest will follow, but I believe as he does that if we...all of us ...continue to believe that the God who created us is still with us and that this God will not desert us, my son will not only survive...he will be a winner.

Our minds are powerful instruments that can cure, heal and give us great joy and pleasure or it can give us the reverse as we choose. I knew this but at first I forgot it. I needed to go within and ask for guidance, strength and courage and it was given to me. In return, I was able to give the same to my son and help him get through this challenging time in his life. Indeed, the challenges will continue and he will need to be diligent in his efforts to overcome. But, overcome he will as long as he continues to remember the power that he has within himself. It is only through his positive beliefs, mental attitude and outward action that he will turn the tide and wash away all the toxin that have attached themselves to his mind, body and spirit. I have grown to understand that I am protected by Divine Light, I do not need to be afraid. Yes, Life isn't aways what we expect it to be.... We can, however, take the challenges and make them an exciting adventure which we have needed to experience in order to awaken to our full potential.

I share this story with you because I am sure there are others in the world who are going through the same fear, pain and challenges and don't know what to do or how to handle them. are not alone and we can all stand together hand in hand and pray. YES, pray that we will be supported, encouraged, strengthened and loved by the all. The rest of us, the people of this beautiful planet, our angels, our saints, our guides, our Universal Force who has created all of us and is still with us assisting us as we continue on our pathway and journey home. Blessings on your Journey.
Joan Marie

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